Don’t sell at these prices!

Hey team just wanted to touch bases with you. Bitcoin seems like it’s on a death drop right now. To those in the know you have seen this before! To my readers that are new to bitcoin, this is a great time to buy and accumulate. If you have bitcoin the worse thing you can do right now is sell. I’m buying all the way down. I don’t care if I see a 1,000 dollar bitcoin I’m buying. This is a fakeout. When some powerful entity or nation wants to get in on the bitcoin action, the prices are artificially suppressed so that said entity, group or nation can get in at a cheap price! Then out of the blue, bitcoin skyrockets and everyone is left bewildered and dumbfounded. I’m not giving you financial advice, as I’m not qualified to do so, I’m only telling you what I have seen happen numerous times in bitcoin. DCA = dollar cost average, all the way to the bottom. The biggest mistake people make is not knowing when to sell, and getting caught on the next wave down. Set in your mind a price where you will take profits but do not sell it all! Because a few months down the line another up and down cycle will occur. A good indicator of when to sell ,is when bitcoin price is on the news, when your cab driver and delivery boy are talking about bitcoin. In other words,when everybody is happy and euphoric, that’s a good indication to take profits! Because that’s an indication that a sell off is around the corner. Because think about it, everybody is going to want to take profits also. As a sell off occurs, the price starts coming down and the rollercoaster ride begins, all over again! Hope this helps. Thanks for reading!


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