Gandhiji Dapp Review

Allow me to introduce you to the Gandhiji Dapp. The Gandhiji Dapp is an ethereum- based smart contract that distributes dividends to every participant in the dapp. This works like this: when purchase IND tokens the currency used inside,the dapp a 10% tax is taken from the top and distributed to every active IND token holder in the contract. When you decide to sell your tokens 10% is also taken and distributed to all participants.

You make money in 3 ways:
1) Appreciation in the price of ethereum, which means value of each token rises and you profit.
2) Appreciation in the IND Token price which can rise and fall dependent on sales and buys inside the contract.
3) The dividends received from buys and sell in the contract can either be withdrawn at anytime or re-invested in the contract to purchase more tokens,which translates into bigger dividends ( the more tokens you hold)

To date this is the only crypto project I have seen with a real utility and purpose. Let me explain: The government of India has denied the 1.5 billion people in India access to cryptocurrency. This dapp has an ethereum exchange under construction, that will be attached to this Dapp. This exchange named INDDEX will be smart contract based which will not have the KYC requirements of other exchanges. This will be done to allow the people of India To Participate in Block-chain Technology without the intrusion and censorship of the Indian Government.

We all know India has been plagued by corruption and economic issues for a long time. The people of India want to participate in block-chain technology like the desert needs rain!

The developer of this project is very passionate about his project and the financial empowerment of the Indian People. He has daily live streams on you tube almost everyday for 3 years.He has giveaways, contests and promotions almost daily to let people know about this project and its purpose.

What crypto project have we ever seen with the ability for our financial gain,while assisting an underdeveloped nation become financially empowered through cryptocurrencies?

This project is 3 years old and everyday the developer seems more passionate about his cause and this platform. I believe this gentleman has true altruistic reasons for this project. The love of his nation and the financial well-being of India is very apparent in both his actions and his words.

I have stopped recommending crypto-projects to people because they usually either scam out or simply just fail. But this project has endured for 3 years and counting and because this is not for the financial enrichment of a single person (usually a developer) but for the prosperity of an entire country, I truly believe this project will have longevity and profits.

Never take my words as financial advise. But I would encourage you to do you own research here:  Gandhiji Dapp  ( Note: give the link a few seconds to redirect,since im using a link shortner, ethereum links are notoriously long)

India is a country of over 1.5 billion people. The Gandhiji Dapp was created to help support the migration of people into the crypto space.


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