My Lead gen secret Review

Hey team,yes Im on a content roll today! Today we are going to discuss my lead gen secret, from here on, referred to as mlgs.

MLGS is a program that provides marketers with 100-200 leads per day. The program has its own mailer, so its can-spam compliant. These are very real and complete leads which include email addresses, full names, phone numbers, the whole sha-bang. One of the greatest features of this program is that these leads can be downloaded onto your computer in csv file form for use with your own auto-responder ,EX. Aweber, mailshark,etc. Another great benefit to this program is that you can "compound" these leads. In other words you are not limited to the number of leads you can email per day. If you have 20,000 leads, you can email all of them with the click of your mouse.

With all of these wonderful benefits I have mentioned in the last paragraph, why in the world is this program so controversial? When it comes to this program people are divided, its like the hatfields and the mcCoys, like the republicans and the democrats, like the 1980's beer commercials great taste vs less filling! why?

From my own experience with this program I can tell you this is either a hit or miss, if you dont know how to market this thing right. These leads are like very picky eaters. this is what they are into: low ticket programs with a quick promise of returns, they go nuts for clickbank products and oddly enough, they absolutely love MLGS! In fact the people that are making a killing with this system,sell MGLS memberships like wildfire! theres a guy in the MGLS facebook group that has shown proof he made 29,000 dollars just by selling MLGS memberships!

If you get into this system and view it as a product to sell to those very same leads, you will probably fare well. If you intend to use this as solely a traffic source to market your affiliate program you will more than likely not do so well. These leads are not into systems, they are into items they can sell quick to make a profit. For example a back pain cream with good reviews will be a hit for this group but your business in a box offer will probably bomb.

If you are a marketer that needs help covering the costs of advertising, buying this program and selling it to the same leads you recieve from MLGS, is a smart idea.

When you receive your first sign-up, you automatically go from 100 leads per day to 200 leads per day. You will get 5 bucks per month residual income for each person you sign up. Doesn't seem like much until you have 60 sign-ups under you! This is very possible since you receive 200 leads per day that you can sell this very same product to.

In conclusion, MLGS is all about what expectations you have from this program. The guy that created this program makes these outrageous claims that you will be able to sell anything to these leads and you will walk away rich from all the sign ups to your offers. That is very far from the truth. These leads are very picky and selective about what they buy. They are not into certain niches and that is the truth. They are crazy about MGLS. Sorry to sound conspiratorial but, did this guy put this program together to sell his own program and create one of the biggest affiliate armies for his own deal? If he did that, he's a damned genius and a scoundrel in the same breath. You can make money from this program, many online are. But not the way you think you will and not the way the creator pitches it to be.

If you purchase this program to sell as a stand-alone product ,then its a good deal. If you are looking to grow your affiliate marketing system opt-ins and sign-ups then it sucks! I cant speak on its performance on crypto deals because I have never consistently pitched crypto with this program. I personally used it to pitch my two main affiliate marketing businesses and my results were less than stellar.. I have been in this program since july 2019 . Thanks for reading! Check it out for yourself, this is only one person's opinion. If you're into clickbank, this may be a godsend for you.   check it out here


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