Corona virus panic! Start preparing Now!

Hello my blog family. I have a long time I dont post here. The resurgence of the same- new crypto scams is turning my stomach! I cant deal! I want to let you guys know that now is a wise time to start preparing for the moment of potential instability ahead. Buy canned goods, if you have a deep freezer stock it with meats and vegetables and buy as many cases of water as you can before the shelves become bare! Also if you have infants stock up on baby formula and diapers. You guys probably know all this, but i would not be a friend if I didnt remind you!

Also if you have money in softradeai start taking your money out. The so-called CEO was outed as a phoney and this is when people start stampeding out of a platform! Dont get stuck with an exit scam! Trust me it hurts.

Also, start looking into precious metals. Times of unrest and uncertainty make precious metals have the tendency to skyrocket during these times.

And yes here comes a shameless plug: Learn how you can still earn a living from home even if your city gets quarantined! My motto: expect the best but prepare for the worst! If you cant leave the house to go to work, how will you continue earning a paycheck? Click here for the answer <===

If you get started now you will already have built momentum for when chaos and bedlam start to set it! Please be safe out there. I cant come rescue you with my godzilla fire-breathing powers because I'll be quarantined too, if shtf ! Stay safe!


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